Meet the teacher: Starla Kay Lajko
Starla Kay Lajko  is known to many Sisters residents as a local parent and coach. Recently, she has supervised, coached and created various youth after-school and sports programs in Sisters and Bend. Starla started out as a theater major in college and worked extensively with the Fresno Children's Playhouse, where she was involved in every role of theater production, from actor to stagehand to director. Her experience working with youth in theater includes improv, musicals and Shakespeare. She sees theater arts education as a life skill that enhances children's abilities to roll with changes and be confident and creative throughout their lives.

Starla believes theater and especially improv to be directly in line with the Sisters School District's new tenet of "Belong, Prepare, Inspire.” Learning and performing together fosters belonging because a production group must form a cohesive team to put on any show. Theater prepares children for the real world by building confidence, quick thinking, and resilience. Likewise, theater and improv inspire children and audiences just by the sheer nature of thinking outside the box and experiencing different viewpoints and circumstances.

“I have seen many talented youth in Sisters, Oregon, as well as a serious need for an outlet for all their young, fresh creativity,” Starla says. “I am delighted to partner with Silent Echo Theater Company to offer opportunities for the youth of Sisters to explore the world of drama and performing arts.”


Improv workshop schedule and enrollment info:

Starla Kay Lajko (left) is pictured with her two children, Olivia and Alexis. They make their home in Sisters, Oregon.